Getting Started

So here I am, writing my first blog post.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve tried this blog thing before. First it was my now-embarrassing feelings posted all over my middle school Xanga, then I more recently attempted a couple of fashion blogs. One was on frugal fashion, because I’m cheap, and another was stream of conscience on what I thought of designers’ runway shows, because I missed scoping the high-end goods.

I never really stuck with them though, because in both instances I felt like I had put myself in a box, never straying from whatever theme I had chosen for the most recent attempt.

A number of people have been encouraging me to blog on style, but my response is always that I don’t know what my schtick would be. (Though a fashion blog from a young half-Asian woman who uses Yiddish terms on a regular basis could be one, I suppose.)

Anyway, all that to explain that there are no particular structures or plans here, so it’ll be a lot of random. Which could be a good thing. 🙂


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